Transaction advisory (M&A)

We offer legal advisory for the dealers on conducting the transaction, beginning from  the company or assets preparation and throughout the whole process, as well as for the buyer with examining the subject of the transaction (due diligence), including the preparation and negotiation of contracts, obtaining appropriate corporate and public approvals until the closing of the transaction and post-merger projects. In order to ensure a comprehensive advisory on the process of mergers and acquisitions (Merger & Acquisition) we are able to provide the support of tax advisors as well as financial, business, information technology, engineering or environmental experts.

In the area of transaction advisory our lawyers were pleased to work with large companies.

Selected merger and acquisition projects which our lawyers  were involved in:
•    legal advisory on the consolidation of seven design and implementing companies of the capital group (analysis of conditions of civil, corporate, antitrust, labor and employment, tax law and other concepts of consolidation in three variants including the preparation of a detailed implementation schedule),
•    legal advisory on the process of mergers and acquisitions in the sale of three subsidiaries of the capital group,
•    legal advisory on mergers and acquisitions (transaction involving the assets of company in the preparation of contribution and secretion of the organized part of the company),
•    legal advisory on mergers and takeovers connected with new technologies purchase and
incorporating special purpose company to its implementation
•    participation in due diligence studies with activation of construction companies in the country and the capital group in Romania,
•    participation in the process of mergers and acquisitions on the purchase of shares of a company located in Germany,
•    legal and business advisory about strategies in the area at the chemical sector (analysis of the legal conditions of consolidation),
•     legal advisory on the process of mergers and acquisitions of selected assets of the company from the capital group (analysis of the legal status of the transaction object and disposal opportunities, information memorandum preparation, navigating the next stage of the process),
•    participation in projects of mergers and acquisitions in the energy sector – privatization of the national mining company, the purchase of shares of mining in Ukraine (UPSTREAM) and the purchase of shares of refineries in Romania (due diligence and preparation of report)

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