Restructuring & Insolvency

Based on the experience of our lawyers we offer legal solutions to our clients in the restructuring of the business, employee, organizational and financial zone. We prepare relevant studies and documents in those processes and  represent our clients on both proceeding sides – the debtors and creditors.

•    debt restructuring and support in arrangements with banks and other financial institutions (refinancing or change in the form of funding)
•    internal companies restructuring within the group or in cases of mergers and acquisitions (including post-merger projects) and the process of privatization
•    bankruptcy and restructuration proceedings

•    legal analysis of the consolidation of seven companies within a capital group (legal conditions considered variants: a merger by acquisition, in-kind contribution, purchase of shares / stocks),
•    legal advisory on mergers and acquisitions (transaction involving the assets of companies in the preparation of contribution and secretion of an organized part of company),
•    legal advisory on mergers and acquisitions related with the purchase of new technology and a special purpose company creation to implement it,
•    debt restructuring combined with internal organizational changes in the capital group,
•    legal advisory on the restructuring and sale of the company assets (an organized part of the enterprise),
•     participation in providing legal advice on the process of restructuring and sale of company assets, preparation of the Letter of Intent, Interim Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement.

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