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Our Team

LEGAL PARTNER Lawyers have knowledge, experience as well as understanding of national and  European  regulations and energy distribution conditioning (natural gas, electrical energy, fuels) consequent of heretofore executed projects. Our team is composed of perennial  practically experienced advisors, whose experience is gain in international trade corporations and quality standards and expediting the proceedings by working in advisory firms so-3called Great Four or netted law firms . Thanks to this, we combine practical law knowledge with business and advisory experience. In case of multidiscipline or cross – border projects we are assisted by experts under the Energy Alliance. As part of cooperation, we hold to absolute confidentiality rule.

LEGAL PARTNER team specializes in energy industry. Staff consists of solicitors, advocates, tax advisors, legal apprentices, lawyers and specialists in crucial law areas.

In complicated projects or orders, requiring direct actions on the local market, we cooperate with our associates as part of elaborated network of several dozen lawyers ensuring representation in locations in entire Poland  and nearby countries.

On joint of legal and business advisory we cooperate with renewed institutions and expert  groups.

We create Energy Alliance, where leaders lead on substantive supervision over respective law specialization connected with energy trade.

Daniel Borkowski – Attorney at law, Equity Partner
Specialization – advisory on extensively understood energy production
In his previous practice he advised for leading representatives of  energy sector (natural gas, energy, fuels and energy production for chemical industry). Since 2000 he had worked in PGNiG and PKN Orlen, Ernst & Young. Currently he is practicing as an attorney at law in the LEGAL PARTNER law firm.
He specializes in the advisory area for Up-, Mid- and Downstream sector starting from exploration, recognition and extraction, transmission, storing and import/sales of natural gas and electricity, in particular renewable energy sources (RES), cogeneration (CHP) regulatory advisory for energy companies. His experiences were extended by the perspective on the other stock markets by participating in foreign training courses or academies (underway: Master of Gas Business Management – Delta Energy Institute and University in Groningen, Netherlands). Since few years he leads trainings and takes part as a lecturer in conferences dedicated to the widely understood energy sector. In support of companies current activities, he advised in the basis of legal issues, also in antitrust and competition law area as well as in proceedings before the antitrust and regulatory institutions.
He advised in investment projects, realized as limited recourse to investors (Project finance).
Daniel Borkowski took part, fusion and takeover projects, companies and capital groups restructuring , including due diligence study and transaction advisory.

Marcin Kołecki – Attorney at law, Partner
Specialization – civil and commercial law. Since 2000 he is permanently cooperating with Legal Office of PKN Orlen S.A., which he was managing between 2002-2003 as supervisor. Since 2005,  in the law firm he is responsible for providing services for natural persons and corporations.  Due to his legal services, he analyses agreements, drafts legal opinions and conducts corporative and court proceedings.

Marcin Zimny – Tax adviser, Partner
He acquired professional experience by working in Indirect Tax Department and Excise Tax Department of  Finance Ministry. For last eight years he worked for the international law firm in the Tax Law Team where he advised companies from financial, pharmaceutical, energy, food and estate sector. His advisory included the area of fusions and acquisitions fiscal aspects, restructuring, securitization of receivables, energy products trade, functioning of tax warehouses, as well as on other aspects of CIT, PIT, VAT and excise duty. He also has extensive experience in conducting tax audits and tax proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts. He has published a number of articles on VAT and excise duty in the proffesional press. He commands fluently English.

Mateusz Potocki – attorney at law, associate                                                                                                                                      Graduate of the University of Warsaw. He has been cooperating with LEGAL PARTNER law firm for 7 years, including 3 years as an attorney. Participates in the implementation of projects for companies in the energy sector (concession proceedings, due diligence, M&A, regulatory consulting).Represents clients of the law firm in court proceedings in the field of civil and criminal law. Responsible for conducting ongoing corporate services for one of the largest organizations in the chemical industry.

Natalia Banaś – Attorney at Law, Partner                                                                                                                                                  PhD student of law, Attorney at law practicing in Wroclaw, author of numerous publications in the field of civil procedure and commercial law, including the books: ‘The civil proceedings in questions and answers’, Ed. C. H. Beck, 2008, ‘Case studies of Civil Procedure’, Ed. C. H. Beck, Warsaw 2009. Natalia Banaś is a specialist in the area of business law and a member of the Working Group in the Ministry of Economy preparing guidelines for the oil law project. She is providing legal services for the civil law companies from the mining sector since 2006 – KGHM SA and related companies, legal service since 2007, and the Institute for Energy Studies, since 2002 member of the board ZTS Trawos.

Piotr Wegiera – Attorney at law, Partner
Specialization – civil law and litigation.
Completed apprenticeship in the judicial and attorney profession. Passed judge exam. For dozen of years he was gaining the experience in legal advisory for gas and energy sectors. He provided legal support for PGNiG S.A.’s subsidiary companies and represented them in litigation and execution proceedings as well as for the companies from industries (C.Hartwig Warszawa S.A., PZU S.A., Energetyka Ursus Sp. z o.o.) and public bodies and natural persons

Tomasz Gałecki – Attorney at law, Partner
Specialization – public procurement, public finances and civil law
Professional experience: long term practise as the  National Appeal Chamber Arbitrator  and attorney at law representing agents of industry sector in complicated civil law cases, public procurement and energy law (power generation, transmission, distribution, renewable power sources). He advised in many restructuring processes, especially for public sector companies. He has experience in realisation of linear investments, including energy sector, public procurement with particular emphasis on specificity of utilities procurement, realization of projects co-financed by European Union and energy law. He also advised in many building and infrastructural projects realized in energy sector. He led many trainings  and lectures, inter alia in Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).

Tomasz Soszyński – Attorney at law, Partner
Specialization – litigation, worker’s cases
Professional experience: Ministry of Finance (GUC) and private law firm supporting energy company(2000 – 2013), cooperation with LEGAL PARTNER (since 2012). Perennial practice as an attorney at law representing agents from industry and energy sector in litigation, as well as in vindication of mass clients and complicated trials. Since 1999 he specializes in litigation (in area of turnover and distribution of natural gas and energy),  in employees cases and current advisory for public institutions.

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