Oil & Fuel

We know the specifics of the fuel industry and our lawyers have exceptional knowledge and experience in legal advisory and operations for the fuel & oil sector. We offer services for Polish and international energy companies.

• review of changes in EU and national regulations in particular the principles and rules interpretation of operation of the fuel market
• legal analysis of selected conditions of the fuel market operation in terms of national legislation and the correctness of their application or implementation directory in accordance with the regulations of the EU or international law
• regulations and requirements in the area of ​​energy security (national, supplies, infrastructure), including the question of oil and fuel and other issues
• procedures and requirements for obtaining appropriate licenses and concessions, execution of applicable regulations and obtain the relevant exemptions in the area of ​​trade policy compliance with the applicable regulations
• public aid for the fuel sector and conditions of the support systems operation, acquisition or opinions on the conditions of obtaining support measures developed with the participation of financial support instruments or state guarantees and their analysis and notification to the national or EU competent authorities
• conducting proceedings or legal representation before the relevant ministries, the Energy Regulatory Office, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the courts and public authorities

• models and conditions of oil and fuel trade in the country and abroad as part of an intra or outside the EU
• an analysis of the legal and fiscal environment related to biofuels and legal advisory on the work of implementation of EU directives and guidelines
• support in negotiations and contracting in the wholesale and retail trade compliance with regulatory policy with articular emphasis on regulations of the consumer

• advisory contracts and insurance at the stage of oil and fuel transport
• contracts related to logistical requirements of fuel (transit, transport, storage above-ground and underground)
• regulators support in the management of energy assets, including the regulation of the legal title to the property, property rights issues or obligations with representation in public before disputes authorities
• advisory area dedicated for operators in the area of ​​operations of the fuel sector

• regulators advice (as described above range) in the field of exploration, appraisal and production of hydrocarbons (Including oil and gas):
• environmental and investment advisory in area of ​​Upstream investments at various stages of licensing and licensing process

• current issues of labor and employmenttax and business advisory related to current operations and trading, in terms of the requirements and obligations in the area of ​​energy regulations (national and EU)

• work on the project assumptions and changes in Oil Law Act and Geological and Mining Law Act, the analysis of the regulation of other countries in the field of exploration, appraisal and production of hydrocarbons
• verification of conditions used in area of ​​biomass related to the proposed amendments to Polish and EU law in the area of ​​biofuels / advanced bio-components
•  legal advisory on the construction of operation strategy and legal analysis of the Polish, European and international regulation related to developments in fuel storage (operating conditions and trends)
• participation in the comprehensive analysis of the determinants of the restructuring of the logistics area of ​​fuels and petrochemical products Including the area of ​​property rights, manufacturing, logistics (storage and rail and road), wholesale and retail sale and as well as corporate and labor and employment conditions
• participation in the analysis of fuel risks in capital group, including operational, financial, organizational, legal and investment risks, preparation and presentation maps of risks
• participated in the analysis of the legal and business conditions of two national refineries merger
• advisory on defining the conditions of cooperation with partners for starting the operating activities of foreign international airport in the Czech Republic
• participation in the restructuring of legal advisory of refining assets
•  participation in projects of mergers and acquisitions in the energy sector – privatization of the national mining company, the purchase of shares of mining company in Ukraine (Upstream) and the purchase of shares of refineries in Romania (due diligence and preparation of report)

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