In connection with its operations by the operators there are many disputes settled through amicable, judicial and administrative recourse. Businesses expect professional legal support and representation in the ongoing proceedings.
•    legal advisory in the area of property rights (obligations and property, management of network assets and intangible),
•    legal support public law and private law proceedings (including legal representation and non-litigious).

Our lawyers are able to offer professional support in litigation and arbitration before a permanent and ad hoc courts. In the case of international affairs, we are able to provide support through cooperation with local law firms. Since 2009 we conduct hundreds of litigations, which were taken before the courts and authorities throughout the whole country. Currently, our team consists a dozens of lawyers (including legal counsels and trainees), which we cooperate with to provide representation in locations throughout the whole country.

•    current legal advisory in the area of the Energy Law, the representation of the pending proceedings on behalf of the operator – hundreds of civil and administrative proceedings throughout the country in terms of property disputes, in particular transmission easement, non-contractual use, the requests for transmission easement, claims for payment, calls to attempt settlement and others in the area of administrative decisions required at the stage of the investment process
•    litigation and administrative and enforcement, including the regulation of the financial position and debt collection included in the debts of the succession, disclosing the assets, the execution of the property / belongings and in bankruptcy proceedings,
•    development agreements with debtors on the distribution of arrears in installments, including debt restructuring and debt settlement in different form.

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