Labour and Employment

In the area of labor and employment we provide legal advisory for establishing and termination of labor relations and the rights and duties of employment, including remuneration and other benefits for employees:
•    legal advisory in matters related to the conclusion and termination of the employment contract, fee-for-task agreement , specific- task contract and legal opinions in this regard. Employment counseling also includes management, including management contracts and the preparation of the relevant corporate documents related with the appointment or removal of board members and managers in personal union with complex corporate structures,
•    legal support in the area of regulatory unbundling requirements (unbundling and TPA) in the preparation of the relevant processes and procedures for compliance, internal regulations, agreements and in performing the arrangements with the relevant authorities (eg. non-discriminatory treatment programs for users of the system operator approved by the President of ERO),
•    preparing and reviewing wages regulations on specific forms of wages (eg. options),
•    governance support in the management of employees with complex corporate structures, including the restructuring processes and respond to changing business conditions,
•    assistance with employment of foreigners and obtaining appropriate permits,
•    current legal assistance, evaluation personnel matters, including legal representation before the courts or other authorities in employee issues.

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