Investment advisory

In realization of complex projects requiring additional market analysis, financial, technical or information technology in cooperate with the Energy Alliance, which enables collaboration with multidisciplinary group of experts dedicated to the implementation directory of individual specialization (see detailed description Energy Alliance).

Examples of our lawyers experience in the area of cooperation in contact with the business advisory and information technology shall be presented at customers request

• legal service due to the comprehensive conclusion of the investment projects, commencing as of preliminary agreement conclusion (letter of intent, interim agreement), specialties purpose vehicle for the project formation conclusion, raw materials supply / products contract’s reception Negotiations (In-put contract, off-take contract), receiving relevant permissions related with investment conclusion, negotiations on agreements with financial Institutions as well as contracting agreements
• investment and environmental advisory area in the range of industrial investments at various stages of licensing and investment process
• legal support on the public procurement proceeding as well as in drawing up and negotiation of FIDIC, the EPC and other contracting agreements
• legal support on the funds solicitation, including project finance formulations with limited recourse is investors

• legal advisory on the gas project construction unit that produce electricity (CHP) in the project finance mode, including formation of the special purpose vehicle (SPV) and related contracts (drawing up the letter of intent, interim agreement, confidentiality agreement, analysis of the other in legal aspects)
• advisorywithin the industrial investment construction installation process at the production facility
• verification of the mining project investment conditions in the Northern Europe, particulary in the area of ​​the future investment’s environmental considerations
• regulators conditions of the LNG or CNG purchase-sale, including the logistics at the macro (through the LNG terminal) or micro (small LNG) level
• an analysis of the legal and fiscal surroundings related with the compressed natural gas (CNG) and drawing up the appropriate agreements in this area

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