Corporate advisory and compliance

Our lawyers advise in civil and corporate cases for private and public companies. Representation of our clients includes all matters related to establishing a new enterprise, though next stages of business development, to the end of its activity. We give advice for meetings of shareholders, supervisory and management boards and other corporate units. Based on our experience, when dealing with comprehensive projects, our offer includes support in multiple fields of activity through tax, financial, business, technical and environmental advisors.

Projects in which our lawyers participated:

• public joint-stock company – legal support in establishing, transformation and division of companies, contributions in kind, changing statutes and deeds of association

• public joint-stock company – legal analysis of corporate restructuring conditions of company capital within a capital group

• public joint-stock company – legal analysis of strategy and consequences of consolidation of independent chemical companies

• limited liability company – legal analysis of corporate and civil issues of restructuring of trade strategy within a capital group.

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