About us

LEGAL PARTNER lawyers had the pleasure to cooperate and provide legal advisory for the representatives of the energy sector (leading representatives of gas, electricity and fuel) and chemical sector in Polish and international market (neighboring countries – Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania). Legal Partner within the Energy Allinace can cooperate with lawyers from Visegrad Group countries, the Baltic countries and Germany, Netherlands and UK. Within a specialization of comprehensive energy advisory and related to its environmental regulations we had pleasure to realize cross-border projects of the EU regulations and international law and their relation to national law.

We offer advisory for energy companies, natural persons, legal persons and public administration bodies interested in specific rulings of broadly understood area of energy and the environment.

Our associates have been involved in projects for oil & gas, electricity, energy and chemical industry yet. Due to confidentiality we do not share information about the services provided to certain entities (except registered exceptions). We also had the pleasure to elaborate analysis or legal projects for some of the greatest representatives of the energy sector (gas, electricity or fuel) and chemical in national and European Union scale.

Our head office is located in Warsaw. We also have practices in other locations including Siedlce and associates in Gdansk, Wroclaw, Szczecin. Due to an extensive chain of few dozen associates all over the country we successfully lead and can carry out simultaneously over five hundred litigation cases in different locations of the country (what we can documented by relevant references). Due to cooperation with local and international partners we are able to provide comprehensive legal advisory.

Detailed information about our services can be accessed in the description of Legal services.

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